Friday, August 20, 2010

Spot Check

flat down. Creative options

down flat down, straight into the busy street...

20 or so stair downbar, little donkey dick

As for this one...this spot became rather famous two winters back in videos such as Nice Try and Get Real...but looks like its a two year wonder. fenced in, the wall that you transfer onto is gone, as well as the drop off the side of the rail. But who knows, maybe the chain link will come down and the construction will form a new spot?


SaJo said...

Nice finds. Is the second one at St. Thomas? If so, we were scoping that and the gnarly kink rails.
Oh yeah- Jeffy is G-Steeze.

ewheezy said...

Yep sir, St. Thomas...saw those gnar C kinks as well...looks like they could be entertaining.