Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ride With Authority

Escubed rider John Ewald's brother Charlie and the rest of the Authority crew making noise.

Stolen from 1817

The Twins from skatefairy on Vimeo.

But this is fucking awesome.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


MFM from torstein horgmo on Vimeo.

Two Sick Riders


If you find something cooler. tell me. and i'll get someone to hit you.

Its the star wars of fast food chains

CHeck it

Monday, April 18, 2011

Think of this what you please. got it forwarded to me in an email.

So True

Sorry if its hard to read

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Click it or ticket Click on this link. please. and watch the trailer for good look. this will be a video you will not want to miss. I PROMISE.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bio Blast

I know we have more riders then the ones stated in the Bio's but being as we dont communicate well or respond to various offers the bio's in here are the only one a hold of or something but there are more dirtballs in the family. Sorry for missing you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bio Blast

Kevin Berens
Age: 19
Board: Rome Artifact Rocker 150
Boots: DC Park boots
Bindings: Union Contact Pros
Hometown: Oakdale
Home Mountain: Afton
Favorite Video: Think Positive
Favorite Rider: Ethan Deiss
Favorite Trick: 5-0
Hobbies: Filming, Photography

Role Model's cockfight rd 1&2

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bio Blast

Nathan Schouvieller
age: 18
Board: broke
Boots: DC somethin or another
Bindings: Union Forces
Hometown: Oakdeezy Minnesnowta
Home Moutain: Do we have one? The Streets
Favorite Video: video grass
Favorite Rider: Travis Parker
Favorite Tricks: Lipslide, 5*0, stupid fun things
Other hobbies: wakeboarding, sledding, eating, drinking

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bio Blast

Erik Blume
Age: 19
Board(s): Gnu Street Series, Capita Stairmaster Extreme
Boots(s): 32 Focus Boa
binding(s): Forum Arenas
hometown: Minnesota
home mountain: Afton
favorite video: Technines The Arena
favorite rider: Travis Kennedy
favorite tricks: Flatland 5s. Cartwheels. Triple switch ups on the flat boxes.
other hobbies: Photography I guess.
comments: I would just like to thank the Academy. Shout out to my man B-Easy for the killer beats. Magic towels for life

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Well ya see now

So when you are in the little town of Winona you don't realize are the little things you can enjoy. Like a tandem bike. If only you knew how truly joyful it can be. I highly recommend you try this machine.

Bio Blast

Kyle Steez VanWagner
Age: 19
Ski’s: Liberty Lte, Line Invader
Boots: Dalbello Krypton Rampage
Bindings: Marker Jesters
Hometown: Oakdale
Home mountain: Afton Alps
Favorite video: Eye Trip
Favorite rider: Mike Hornbeck
Favorite trick: Switch 3, K-FED
Other Hobbies: fishing, hunting, lookin steezey
Comments: Why do bindings break so easy?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Nate Broke His Board

Broken Board from Nathan Schouvieller on Vimeo.

Watch how floppy the nose is on the 5*0

Fun Fact fridays

So as some of you may know, this season while snowboarding I was sportting a Buffalo Braves hat. Until recently I put off finding out about this team. I thought they were some minor league baseball team. But I was wrong. They were an NBA team from 1970- 1978. They were not very good and are known today as the los Ageles Clippers. Tune in next week for some more facts.

check it out

Bio Blast

Patrick Svoboda
Age: 19
Board(s): Rome Artifact, Capita Scaremaster
Boots: LTD ? I think.
Bindings: Union Forces,
Hometown: Jokesdale, MN
Home Mountain: Yes
Favorite video: Burning Bridges
Favorite riders: Travis Kennedy or peter line
Favorite trick: falling
Other hobbies: doing stupid things, long boarding, wakeboarding
Comments: I suck at snowboarding.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


April Fools! from Nathan Schouvieller on Vimeo.

GOTCHA!!! Here's the real edit of our day at Afton. Not as bad as you may have thought.

Bio Blast

John Ewald
Age: 19
Board(s): Stepchild Sexton 50, Atomic Pivot 50
Boots: $90 Vans. So comfy
Bindings: Flux Emblums I think?
Hometown: Maplehood, MN
Home Mountain: Troll
Favorite video: Too tough of a question! Probably 1817, Dump em Out, or Cheers
Favorite riders: Cody Bieresdorf, Jake Kuzyk
Favorite trick: Back tail!
Other hobbies: Fishing, baseball, drawing, longboarding, editing
Comments: I love the frozen streets of MN. And I'm a poser

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

AJ Fotsch
Age: 19 Board(s):Signal Park Series 154, Stepchild Jibstick [Lucy] 153
Boots(s):Thritytwo Lashed
years and 1 month and 21 days
binding(s):Union DLX Cadet, Union Data
hometown: Sussex, Wisconsin
home mountain: Sunburst Ski AREA. [They don't even call it a hill]
favorite video: Ducksjen, its this crazy foreign video check it out free[]
favorite rider: this is not fair… Either Halldor or Scott Stevens
favorite tricks: a good clean frontboard, frontside hardway 270’s and back 180’s
other hobbies: wakeboard, skateboard, longboard, pick nose, watch snowboard edits and doing flips.
Comments: John is a poser... its just the way it is (even though he’s better than me)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bio Blast

Thomas Kinmounth
Age: 19 and 14/365ths
Board(s): signal park series, SALAMON SALVATORE SANCHEZ . . . sucious por vida
Boots(s): dc's i think? idk i need new boots. if anyone has thirty two timba boots in camo around a size 12 we can make a deal.
binding(s): burton missions as of now . . . seeking union dlx or orange contacts . . . this is starting to become a want add.
hometown: maplewood MINNESNOWTA
home mountain: this year i was at troll a lot
favorite video: Cheers. . . or the Shakedown. both baller
favorite rider: JP and Simon. So happy they are riding together.
favorite tricks: bs 270 board to fakie. . . sick
other hobbies: hunting, fishing, longboarding*, boating, tetris battle (try to beat me)

*newly acquired hobby
comments: i hope i get a job this summer ...

Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fools Edit

Untitled from Nathan Schouvieller on Vimeo.

We went to Afton and had a very disappointing deserves a disappointing edit like this. Its the best we could do for shots.

Bio Blast

Rider: Tyler Hannigan
Age: 19
Board(s): Tech Nine
Boots(s): DC w/ a duct taped toe
binding(s): Tech Nine
hometown: Oakdale
home mountain: Mountain?
favorite video: DC Mountain Lab
favorite rider: Chris Bradshaw
favorite tricks: Any that I don't eat shit doing
other hobbies: School, sports,
comments: MEOWWWWWW

We need new cameras...


Video Grass filmers Riley Erickson (house of 1817) and Pat Fenelon

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Untitled from Patrick Svoboda on Vimeo.

Well on our last day our buddy Nate Dawg just done gone a wrecked himself. look for the edit soon to come and also look for the seasons awards to be announced by blog poster Patrick Svoboda.