Wednesday, April 6, 2011

AJ Fotsch
Age: 19 Board(s):Signal Park Series 154, Stepchild Jibstick [Lucy] 153
Boots(s):Thritytwo Lashed
years and 1 month and 21 days
binding(s):Union DLX Cadet, Union Data
hometown: Sussex, Wisconsin
home mountain: Sunburst Ski AREA. [They don't even call it a hill]
favorite video: Ducksjen, its this crazy foreign video check it out free[]
favorite rider: this is not fair… Either Halldor or Scott Stevens
favorite tricks: a good clean frontboard, frontside hardway 270’s and back 180’s
other hobbies: wakeboard, skateboard, longboard, pick nose, watch snowboard edits and doing flips.
Comments: John is a poser... its just the way it is (even though he’s better than me)

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