Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bio Blast

Thomas Kinmounth
Age: 19 and 14/365ths
Board(s): signal park series, SALAMON SALVATORE SANCHEZ . . . sucious por vida
Boots(s): dc's i think? idk i need new boots. if anyone has thirty two timba boots in camo around a size 12 we can make a deal.
binding(s): burton missions as of now . . . seeking union dlx or orange contacts . . . this is starting to become a want add.
hometown: maplewood MINNESNOWTA
home mountain: this year i was at troll a lot
favorite video: Cheers. . . or the Shakedown. both baller
favorite rider: JP and Simon. So happy they are riding together.
favorite tricks: bs 270 board to fakie. . . sick
other hobbies: hunting, fishing, longboarding*, boating, tetris battle (try to beat me)

*newly acquired hobby
comments: i hope i get a job this summer ...

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