Thursday, March 24, 2011


hey all of our followers. i know we haven't been posting lately so to make up for it i'm going to let you in on some secrets.
No one in escubed can snowboard or ski. we all have stunt doubles.
we are all filthy rich and throw rolled up hundreds at people.
we all enjoy sailing yatch's for fun.
we all have rolexes and we wipe our buttoms with 20's.
We can all name every president in order.
We have won many public debates and math competitions.
John is a kid that always keeps his cool and never gets angry.
Nathan has a proportional body.
Thomas secretly skies.
Steez can also plays the blues on his trumpet.
AJ was born from a shark and a pigeon.
Tyler has never touched alcohol in his life.
(these facts may be wrong or incorrect)

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