Friday, February 18, 2011

Fun Fact fridays

Just Some waky Facts. Have fun now.

•When placed in warm milk, raisins re-plump into grapes.
•The metal backs of iPods are made from recycled zippers.
•Every sixteen minutes, someone named Richard dies.
•Dolphins kill more people annually than sharks and influenza combined.
•On a dare, former President Rutherford B. Hayes declared war on Chile for 17 minutes.
•Professionals call the top socket on an electrical outlet the "Martha," and the bottom socket the "Jasmine."
•In the archives at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., there are two identical snowflakes preserved in a freezer.
•Three out of every ten nickels has been in someone's mouth.
•If you hold one nostril closed for 72 hours, you will slowly lose the ability to see color. (Your sight will instantly return to normal when you release your nostril.)
•Wave a magnet at the lower left corner of a vending machine to receive a free soda.
•The glossy paper from the backs of stickers can be used to soothe sunburn.
•Whispering instead of talking on cell phones saves significant battery power.
•Benjamin Franklin coined the phrase "Baby Mama" in a satirical poem published in Poor Richard's Almanac.
•If you take the first letter of each word in the Monopoly board game instruction manual, they spell out an X-rated sentence.
•Reading backwards for twenty minutes burns the same amount of calories as walking a half-mile.
•The Q in Q-tips stands for "quantum," as the small bit of cotton on the tip contains more atoms than the entire human body.
•Revolving doors were first invented as a way to keep horses out of department stores.
•Peru and the moon weigh the same amount.
•Human beings and anteaters are the only animals that can snap their fingers.
•Clouds cannot travel south southwest.

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