Friday, February 25, 2011

Fun Fact Fridays

Here are some fun facts about some of the escubed riders.
  • John has never fallen while riding street.
  • Thomas wears a helmet because he's bald on top of his head.
  • Kyle ski's because he is to good at snowboarding, he says its no fun.
  • Nathan's arms drag on the ground when he walks around because he is so awkward.
  • John got so mad one time, He his head blew off.
  • Trevor is actually an alien from another world which is why you cant catch him being normal. Ever.
  • Kellen has turned himself into a vampire because he likes twilight.
  • Nathan is so skinny cuz he poops every ten minuets.
  • Kyle wasn't always a gangster, he turned that way when he became better then everyone else.
  • Thomas only snowboards because his real dream is to be astronaut.

Some of these facts may be false...


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